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Counsel Direct, Inc.’s policy for privacy attempts to protect the user/visitor’s privacy by the following measures: 

1.         We do not collect information concerning the identity of users/visitors nor do we require them to register any information with Counsel Direct, Inc. 

2.         You can browse this website without entering any personal information and therefore remain anonymous during your visit.  Personal information is only required if you decide to send an e-mail or submit a case for review to the sponsoring law firm. 

3.         We do not place “cookies” on your computer other than to assist in the use of the website and count the number of hits to the website. 

4.         If you send Counsel Direct, Inc. an e-mail, we will not sell or disclose your identity to any other organization with the sole exception of the sponsoring law firm if the e-mail directly relates to the sponsoring law firm.  

5.            Counsel Direct, Inc. is a publisher and not a law firm or a referral service, and consequently, your identity will not be obtained by Counsel Direct, Inc. from the sponsoring law firm, and Counsel Direct, Inc. will make no inquiry regarding your identity.  Further, Counsel Direct, Inc. does not receive any portion of any attorney’s fees should you become a client of the sponsoring law firm. 

6.         The sponsoring law firm’s services may be covered by a right of confidentiality, and consequently, Counsel Direct, Inc. makes no effort to determine the visitor/user’s identity, e-mail address, home address, or other identification, and all communications concerning your needs should be directed to the sponsoring law firm. 

7.         If a visitor/user uses this website for any broadcast of mail, Counsel Direct, Inc. retains the right to stop such use of the website. 

8.            Although Counsel Direct, Inc. makes every effort to protect the visitor/user’s identity, Counsel Direct, Inc. bears no responsibility for anyone else’s conduct with respect to use of the Internet, whether it is a third person’s use of someone else’s computer, network operators, or otherwise.  In addition, this website may contain “links” to other websites.  Please be aware that Counsel Direct, Inc.’s privacy policy does not apply to linked websites.  We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement whenever interacting with any website. 

9.            Counsel Direct, Inc. may amend this Privacy Policy on a prospective basis at any time by posting a revised policy on this website.  And, nothing in this Privacy Policy is designed to protect the privacy of visitors/users whose use of this website is, in the reasonable opinion of Counsel Direct, Inc. or the sponsoring law firm, for illegal, improper or abusive purposes, for purposes of marketing or solicitation, or would violate any other terms and conditions relating to the use of this website.       



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